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This beautiful Heuriger boasts one northsided and one southsided terrace located right in the middle of the vineyards as well as one terrace higher up with a view across Vienna and a playground for children.
At the buffet the guests can choose from home cooked delicacies, partly vegetarian, as well as air-dried specialities and black pudding from Styria. The wine list includes wines from the stocks surrounding the terraces and other well-known Austrian kinds such as the Rheinrießling.

Heuriger Zur Schildkrot
Heuriger, Buschenschank
Senderstraße 33, Stammersdorf
1210, Wien

Mi, Do und Fr: 14 bis 23h
Sa, So und Fei: 12 bis 23h

Mi, Do und Fr: 14 bis 22h
Sa, So und Fei: 12 bis 22h