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Welcome to the Vienna Lusthaus!
t happens in and around Vienna's Lusthaus much good stuff. And when again what happens in and around Vienna's summer house, you will find it here!
In the LUSTHAUS habitue,
Adalbert Stifter describes a questioner the Prater:
Is it a park? No!
Is there a meadow? No!
Is there a garden? No!
A forest? No!
A desire institution? No!
- Like what?
Taken all together!

E v e n t s & P a r t i e s

The Lusthaus,
the yellow poetic spot in the Prater - a garish mix of lowland forest and riding, from exhibition center and harbor entrance, from dog-training institutions and wedding chapel, from baths and restaurant garden, Autodrome, sideshows, sports stadiums, golf, bowling and tennis facilities, oak forests, chestnut trees and large meadows.

M e n u e

PRATERKELLNER (Waiter in the Prater)
That's just a particular genre. They are somehow the "Pülcher" of the castlemusic related. They are rugged, unpolished, unsophisticated. Perfect nature of children.

B e v e r a g e s und W i n e


Café-Restaurant Lusthaus
Restaurant, Catering, Kaffeehaus, Kaffeerestaurant, Veranstaltungslokal
Freudenau 254
1020, Wien

Mo, Di, Do und Fr: 12 bis 22h
Sa, So und Fei: 12 bis 18h

Wiener Küche, Mehlspeisen, Österreichische Küche, Regionale Spezialitäten, Saisonale Küche
Mo, Di, Do und Fr: 12 bis 21h
Sa, So und Fei: 12 bis 17h