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Hop & Malt - God preserve it /We love it again to be able to have open every day for you
Home made juices and liquores, self-brewed beer, biologically produced foods. Welcome to the Styrian way of hospitality.
Our natural beer is brewed in our own brewery in Styria. We use spring water from the Blasius Spring.

You will also enjoy our natural wines, juices and food. For you, we cook in old Austrian Style. That means, every dish is produced freshly by your order and out of biologically produced foods.

Within walking distance from Raimundtheater, Vienna's number one spot for musicals, and just a few blocks away from major hotels Ibis, Leonardo, President and the Mercure, you will find our restaurant Bauernbräu and Kunstbar at the Arik-Brauer-Haus.

Arik Brauer, painter, stage designer, singer-songwriter is a true multi-talent and one of the main contemporary Austrian artists and co-founder of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. In the 1990ies he was asked by the City of Vienna to design a house at Gumpendorfer Straße, thus named Arik-Brauer-Haus.

Get in touch with his work of art at Kunstbar. The tiles painted in blue show trees during the four seasons - a metaphor for life itself. "Kissed by the muse" illustrates the artist's flash of inspiration. At Kunstbar they are very proud to be surrounded by these great works of art. They will be more than willing to share their knowledge with you. Do not hesitate to ask!

With a little luck you might be able to spot somebody very special when you visit our place. Now and then Fritz takes his accustomed seat at the bar. If you dare, go ask for an autograph. Very usually he will be so friendly to give you one, when you pay for a drink.

Bauernbräu beim Raimundtheater
Gasthaus, Gasthof, Bar-Cafe, Bierlokal-Pub, Restaurant
Gumpendorfer Strasse 134-136 / Arik-Brauer-Haus
1060, Wien

Mo bis Sa und Fei: 16 bis 2h
So: 13 bis 2h

Steirische Küche, gut-bürgerliche Küche, Österreichische Küche
Mo: 16 bis 22h
Di bis Sa und Fei: 16 bis 23:30h
So: 13 bis 22h